April 21


Attacked For Homosexual-Marriage Stand

Recent news reports say that Miss California is in hot water because of an answer to a question. During the Miss USA Pageant she was asked about homosexual marriage and replied she was against it; that marriage should between a man and a woman. The sodomite host was angry and let everyone know on his internet site. Others have piled on as well.

There are several biblical lessons here.

First, Miss California is right about marriage, it is between a man and woman. God made it this way and no man or nation has the right to change it (Gen. 2:24). In fact, no one can truly change it because God does not recognize the sinful activities between two men as a marriage, no matter what the state or anyone else says. Marriage is reserved for those who have the right to it according to God’s word, and that does not include two men or two women getting married.

Second, the enemy is evil and hypocritical. The pro-homosexual movement demands rights. They want the right to “marry,” the right to benefits, the right to protections in the work force, and much more. However, they do not believe in the right of anyone to oppose them and their agenda. If someone speaks out, as Miss California did, they launch an all-out assault calling names and impugning the intelligence, compassion, reason, motivation, and character of their opponent, as well as threats in some cases. The devil uses this tactic to try and silence those who speak truth (Acts 4:18-20; 24:5, 6). It is time for those who believe God’s word to speak out against sodomy and not be intimidated by those who advocate it.

Finally, it is sad that a true statement was given by a sinner. We do not know Miss California’s religious affiliation. However, one that is for sure, she does not follow God’s word. If she did, she would not be parading around in public in a bikini. God commands modesty of men and women (1 Tim. 2:9, 10; 1 Pet. 3:1, 2). When a woman (or man) goes out in public in what is essentially underwear, she is not modest. Rather, she is guilty of uncleanness (Gal. 5:19). The truth is often handicap this way. The one speaking it is committing a blatant sin while condemning another. This is hypocritical and damaging to the cause of God. Let us be determined to live by the truth, as well as speak it.


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