January 17


Daily Bible Reading Check In Jan. 2013


This year I am following a 5-day Bible reading plan. I want to go through the entire Bible to refresh the “big picture,” an overview if you will. So far I am ahead; week 4, day 2.

I am keeping my time and reading out loud. The genealogies slow me down a bit as I stumble through the tough names.

Anyway, my average time of reading thus far is 17:39 per the day’s worth of reading.

As long as I keep up the pace of reading and the amount of daily material does not increase, it seems reasonable that with 20 minutes per day for five days a week a person can get through the whole Bible in one year.

This is simply meant to encourage you in your Bible reading habit. Devote some time to going deeper as well. Don’t just blaze through it as quick as possible. Meditate on the sacred page—make it broader, deeper, richer—that you may draw closer to God.

I have chosen the way of truth;
Your judgments I have laid before me.
– Psalm 119:30


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