October 12


Sad Society

A mother who beat her two-year-old daughter to near death and glued her hands to the wall was sentenced to 99 years in prison (http://bit.ly/RimJ3C).


Yet, millions of mothers murder their children every year and are protected by law. Abortion is legalized murder (cf. Ex. 21:22-25). Women and those who assist them in taking the life of a defenseless, innocent child are shielded from prosecution. Those who dare protest outside abortion clinics are in greater danger of going to prison than the murderers inside.

If the woman in the story above had chemically dissolved her daughter in the womb, or had her cut to pieces and vacuumed out, nothing would have been done. The law would have protected her and millions of Americans would have applauded her for exercising her right.

We live in a sad society sickened by sin (1 Jn. 5:19).

May God help us.


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