August 28


Forced By The Court To Support Sin


A New Mexico court ruled a private business owner cannot refuse service based on religious convictions. The ruling is on a case where a photographer declined to work for two lesbians in their commitment ceremony. See the story at

What does this mean for our nation?

We are much further down the road to a societal collapse than we think. Laws are a lagging indicator of what a society values or abhors. A court that is comfortable ruling against a citizen’s 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion is a sign of just how far we have come.

Personal conscience as a right is being attacked and penalized. Employees no longer have the right to speak out and object to what they believe is immoral. Business owners cannot base business decisions on their religious convictions. Students are barred from uttering their belief in Jesus Christ. Court orders are being issued to town councils telling them to stop opening their meetings with a prayer in Jesus’ name.

What will turn this around?

Nothing short of a complete transformation. Not of our laws or courts or legislatures. All of those will come later. Rather, a transformation of the churches must happen. A total abandonment of the relative gospel, which is not a gospel, and repentance of condoning sin—namely worldliness. They must leave the entertainment and self-help businesses and get back to upholding the standard of God’s word.

How will this happen?

The only way churches are going to change is if individuals change. People who claim to believe the Bible have to insist on it being taught and applied. This is true for both moral and doctrinal teachings (Col. 3:17).*

So, what will you do? Are you willing to study God’s word anew? Is it possible what you have accepted is contrary to the morals taught in the word? What are your convictions and when is the last time you studied the following?

  • Divorce & remarriage
  • Intoxication, alcohol
  • Modesty
  • Dancing
  • Appropriate language
  • Entertainment

The Bible should govern every area of our lives, including the above points. Gauging your beliefs and behavior by society is the wrong place to start. If you believe the Bible to be God’s word, you must compare yourself to it and, more than likely, you will find it is much more strict than you realized.

It is up to you. If you would like to have a series of personal studies on this, contact me. I will be happy to help. But, consider this before you contact me: are you willing to study this without being defensive? Do you will to do God’s will even if it means major changes in your life (Jn. 7:17)? Let me hear from you.

* Moral and doctrinal teachings are tied together. Error on the resurrection opened the door for immorality (1 Cor. 15:33). Error on the church, worship, salvation, and other “doctrinal” issues opens the door for compromise on morals.


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