September 15


Pat Robertson: Divorce for Alzheimer’s?

In an online video Pat Robertson states that a man can divorce his Alzheimer’s stricken wife and move on. Watch the video here He flatly contradicts the Bible’s teaching on marriage, divorce, and remarriage (Matt. 19:9; Rom. 7:1-4).

Why does this not surprise us?

Robertson may have a reputation as an outspoken conservative Christian, but it is undeserved. He is outspoken, but he is not a conservative Christian. He is a false teacher. His declaration about divorcing a wife stricken with Alzheimer’s is just more proof of the fact.

Among the multitude of errors espoused by Robertson is how a person is saved. On his CBN website it states that a person simply needs to say a prayer after believing and repenting. See it here The Bible teaches one must not only believe and repent, but also confess Jesus as Christ (Rom. 10:9-13) and be baptized (Acts 2:38; 22:16; Gal. 3:26, 27; Rom. 6:3, 4).

Back to the divorce issue.

Men have long chaffed under the strict rules the New Testament establishes for marriage, divorce, and remarriage. Our government simply ignores it. Most denominations abandoned the truth on this long ago. They allow divorce and remarriage for pretty much any cause. Some are now accepting and/or promoting homosexual marriages.

While the government and various religious bodies permit citizens and members to divorce and remarry at will, the truth has not changed. We will not be judged by the laws of the land or some denomination’s by-laws. Rather, we will be judged on the last great day by the gospel of Jesus Christ (Jn. 12:48).

So, if you are concerned about Judgment, if you want to go to heaven, you will respect and adhere to the Lord’s teaching regarding marriage, divorce, and remarriage. AND, you will reject men like Pat Robertson and churches that teach soul-damning error (2 Jn. 9-11; Gal. 1:6-9).


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