Nehemiah 2 & 3 Summary & Quiz

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Nehemiah Spoke To The King
Neh. 2:1-10

After four months of prayer and planning, Nehemiah seized an opportunity to speak to the king about Jerusalem. One day while serving the king, he did not hide his sadness and the king noticed it (a potential death sentence). Thus, the king inquired about what was troubling him.

Nehemiah said a quick prayer; an indication of his habitual communication with God. He then requested a leave of absence, royal authority, and resources to get the job done. The king granted him permission and Nehemiah set off to accomplish his task.

His actions show us that prayer, planning, preparation, and God’s providence work together.

Nehemiah Surveyed The Damage & Rallied The Men To Take Action
Neh. 2:11-18

After arriving in Jerusalem, Nehemiah assessed the condition of the walls to formulate a plan of repair. He went out at night likely to not be interrupted in his labor and planning.

Nehemiah gathered the leaders and gave them a frank assessment of the situation (2:17). He then motivated them by revealing God’s care for him and the king’s authority. Their response was, “Let us rise up and build” and went to work (2:18).

The church needs men who are not afraid to face the reality of poor conditions, want to do something about it, and have faith in God to get it done. It also needs people who are willing to follow such a leader and be committed to doing the work.

The Enemies of God’s People Were Angry
Neh. 2:19, 20

The Jew’s enemies did not want to see them prosper. However, since Nehemiah had royal authority, the only thing they were willing to do at this point was to ridicule them. Still, ridicule can be a powerful tool of the enemy to demoralize those engaged in the work. Nehemiah kept his faith in God and essentially ignored the enemies at this point.

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