Observations About Virus-Related Issues


Brethren On The Warpath

With everything surrounding the virus, some brethren have taken an extreme position and attacked anyone who does not share that view. If someone objects to their view (i.e. refusing to wear a mask), then that person is seen as unchristian and callus. In other words, if you do not agree with those who are extremely fearful of the virus, then you actually want to harm your brethren – you are carelessly playing with their life – you are essentially a murderer.

That attitude does not foster brotherly love, yet it is those who do not want to change that are accused of not having brotherly love.

Arbitrary Restrictions

Any reasonably minded person can see the restrictions coming from authorities are arbitrary. Yes, I really do mean that. If you cannot see this, you are unreasonable.

Church services, funerals, and weddings are restricted in the number of people who are “allowed” to attend, but essential businesses are allowed to have dozens or even hundreds of people in them. Coffee shops are forced to shut down, while strip clubs and casinos remain open. And, all of these vary from state to state, even county to county in some places.

Survival Rate

A recent article in Imprimis, a Hillsdale College publication, cited the following statistics (click here to read).

  • Overall mortality rate of COVID: 0.2% (that is a 99.8% survival rate)
  • Mortality rate of those 70 and older: 4% (that is a 96% survival rate)

The article also stated that more children have died from seasonal flu than COVID over the past year.

By the way, there are 330,708,580 people in the USA as of this writing. According to the CDC count (which is in doubt), there have been a total of 16,113,148 COVID cases and 298,266 deaths. That’s 5% of the population who have contracted the virus and only 0.09% of the population of the USA have died of the virus this year. Think about that, it hasn’t even reached one-tenth of a percent yet. And, yet, a blanket lockdown, masks, and other restrictive policies are being forced upon 99.9% of the population.

We are not diminishing the death of anyone who died as a result of contracting the virus. We have lost brethren we loved dearly to the virus. Each of them, however, had other health issues in addition to contracting the virus. In other words, like with many people who are either old or have serious health problems (or both), any additional strain on their system can be the “last straw.” It could be a fall, catching the flu, developing pneumonia, having a stroke or heart attack, or any number of other incidents that is the immediate cause of death, but the underlying issues were huge factors.

We have heard that some otherwise healthy people have died from the virus. We do not doubt it. COVID seems to have a wide variety of effects on different people. But, why should we take the extreme cases and form a universal policy? Why use the 0.2% to control and restrict the 99.8%? It is like one kid in class of 50 acting up, but the whole school of 1,100 is punished. What kind of sense does that make?

Bottom Line

It is my view that the politicians and other “experts” are using the virus as a scare tactic to exert control over the population; to reinforce the false concept that we need them to protect us.

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