Report: Newton, NC | 3rd Quarter 2021


God has greatly blessed us on a daily basis. In spite of the challenges of life, we press on by His goodness and mercy.

Following is an update on the work in which I am involved here in NC.


The church continues to be at peace and unified in the work. This is such a great blessing, especially since there are no elders. Each men’s meeting has been conducted with openness, respect, and a shared desire to see the church grow.

One of the agreements when I moved here was for one of the men to preach on the last Sunday of the month. There are several who rotate this work and do an excellent job bringing lessons. My observation through the years is that this practice always adds a layer of maturity to a church that strengthens it overall.

Though we have our share of health issues among members, the attendance has held strong. When we moved here last year we had about 35 on Sunday. We are now consistently seeing the upper 60s to low 70s. This includes several visitors that we hope will become a part of the work in the near future. Speaking of which, we did recently add a young family of three to the work. They moved down from Maine a few months back and are a welcome addition to our group.


I recently wrapped up a series of studies on Rock-Solid Faith dealing with fundamental issues like Creation, the inspiration of the Bible, and Humanism. One of the mother’s told me the other day that her 13-year-old son wanted me to know he really appreciated the lessons. This was a reminder to me that the young are interested in truth and are shaped, at least in part, by what comes from the pulpit.

In our adult classes we are studying the book of Revelation on Sundays and Deuteronomy on Wednesdays. These classes are a joy for me not only because of the rich material, but also the eager participation of the members. There are always insightful, thoughtful comments made in our classes that benefit all who are present. Of course, the Lord designed it that way and, therefore, directed us to assemble (Heb. 10:24, 25).

The home recording studio for the TV program is now functioning. I’ve recorded a few episodes so far and have some small adjustments to make, but it is doing well overall. Brethren from Ohio recently blessed us by sending some funds to help with an upgrade to my computer; this will greatly help in producing the TV program. Please pray for these efforts as we seek to reach the lost in this area and beyond.

Lord willing September 22-26 (Wednesday – Sunday) I will preach a meeting in the Houston, TX area. Specifically, I will be with the Adoue Street church of Christ in Alvin, TX, where Mark Maryberry preaches. If you are in the area, please plan to come out one night. And, of course, please pray for this effort.


Our son will leave for college in a little over a week. He will only be about an hour away, so he will continue to assemble with us. The older we get the more we realize God’s goodness – that in His providence we remain together as a family and are blessed to worship together.

Your brother,
Steven Deaton

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