Report: Newton, NC | May 2021


We pray all is well with the saints in your area. We are doing well and deeply appreciative of your continued support in the work here.


We have a new brother in Christ, Nick. He was unknown to members of the congregation before his first time to assemble with us. The backstory is this: Nick was in prison for 5 years for armed robbery. In prison he met someone who knew of the church here who directed Nick to come see us. Nick was determined to change his life, had discussed and studied the Bible, and took steps to obey the gospel. As you might imagine, he has some challenges due to his past and being a babe in Christ. Please pray for his growth and continued commitment to the Lord.


The congregation continues to see a steady stream of visitors from various backgrounds. One man was invited from an encounter with members at a local grocery store. He returned for a second visit, in part, due to cards members sent after his first visit. Other visitors include Christians who have moved into the area and friends of members.

Several other people have been invited to attend services with us and have appeared open to it. In fact, there seems to be a general attitude of openness to explore/investigate “other churches.” My read of it is that people are seeing the emptiness of the “community church” movement that has become too business-like and more “motivational / self-help” oriented vs. true Bible-study based.

Note: in the most recent men’s meeting we decided to remove chains that roped-off every other pew on one side of the auditorium because we are running out of room for people to sit. Too, there seems to be a general easing of concerns as it relates to the COVID virus.


We have plans in motion to study with those who are willing, including some of the Christians who have been visiting.

My daughter and her friend also met a young man while walking out of a local mall. He invited her to study which she, of course, readily accepted. I was invited to join that study (via Zoom). I have to admit, it was something I have never run across before; we were told that we must keep the Passover to receive eternal life (they also believe in Sabbath keeping, and observing a total of 7 Old Testament feasts). While I won’t go into great depth here, suffice it to say, the religious movement they are caught up in has a mixture and morphing of Old Testament ceremonies with New Testament “twists.” We strove to correct their misunderstanding, but the experience was very similar to studying with a Jehovah’s Witness – they were on their track and not getting off – being well versed in a handful of passages, reading into them something that is not there, and unyielding in their viewpoint. There are plans for a follow-up.

Please pray for these efforts as we labor to help others know and live by God’s word.

Gospel Meeting

We have our first post-pandemic gospel meeting coming up in a couple weeks. David Dann, from Hebron Lane in Shepherdsville, KY, is coming to preach. We look forward to the time together, especially since we were with David and his family at Hebron Lane (KY) for about four years.


We’ve been in our new home for about two months now and are so blessed to be here. We are finishing out an attic space where I can record the Word and Sword TV program ( It’s been a “challenge,” but is starting to come together.

Being in a new neighborhood has resulted in new opportunities. As mentioned above, people are open. One factor might be that most people here are from somewhere else, that is, they are new to this area even if they’ve lived in the state before. There is a sense of “let’s get to know each other” which allows for conversations and us to tell them about the TV program and invite them to services.


God continues to bless us with financial support. The congregation here has increased their portion again. This means that, with current outside support, we are just shy of our goal. We are lacking about $500-600 per month, but confident whether or not it comes, the Lord will sustain us. If you or others you know may be able to assist us, please pass on my information to them.

Please continue to keep the work here in your prayers as we keep you in ours.

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