That Day
The Judgment Day is described at “That Day” eight times in the New Testament (Matt. 7:22; 24:36; Mk. 13:36; 2[...]
Seek First The Kingdom of God
Just a few quick thoughts in light of what has happened over the past couple of months and especially in[...]
Two Biblical Paths
Over the past ten months or so our nation has experienced tremendous turmoil. The chaos of the virus, including mandates,[...]
The American Gospel
Twenty-first century denominations present a different gospel than the one found in the Bible. If the gospel and Christianity was[...]
Independence Day
Today, July 4, 2019, marks the 243rd anniversary when 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence. In so doing, they[...]
Pilgrims of the Dispersion
Peter referred to Christians as the “pilgrims of the Dispersion” (1 Peter 1:1, NKJV). It is translated as strangers or[...]