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#33 Words From The Cross (5): I Thirst

The last few words from the cross give us a glimpse of the extent of the Lord’s suffering, as well as His total trust in the Father. It will help us as we

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#32 Words From The Cross (4): My God, My God, Why Have Your Forsaken Me?

Jesus time on the cross is an example of complete submission to the will of the Father. He experienced a painful and humiliating death. Just hours before the Lord prayed earnestly that the

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#31 Words From The Cross (3): Woman, Behold Your Son

We see tender moments in the life of Christ, like when He wept at Lazarus’ tomb. One of the most poignant is when He spoke to His mother while He hung on the

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#30 Words From The Cross (2): Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise

“Today you will be with Me in Paradise.” This is one of the most comforting statements Jesus ever made and it was done while He was suffering immensely. It comes from an account

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#29 Words From The Cross (1): Father, Forgive Them

What did you say the last time you were in terrible circumstances experiencing emotional or physical pain, with people attacking you, going through misery? Words of: Hatred and angerRevengeRegret and hopelessnessBlasphemy against God

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#28 Gideon: Man of Valor

Do you know who this is? His father was Joash. He defeated Zebah and Zalmunna in battle. He receive over $800,000 in gold booty. His nickname was Jerubbaal (jer uh BAY uhl). Gideon

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